the Energy Revolution

Manley Ventures has been investing into key players in the energy market of the Eastern Europe. Our primary targets are the companies operating in electricity generation, transportation and sale.

We operate as a private fund of investments with a scrutinized selection of high-quality companies that drive economic growth, create opportunities, foster innovation, and make a positive impact on society.


We invest in businesses with established market share and reliable prospects. We select our targets based on a strict scoring model.

  • Target stake: influence minority participation
  • Target region: Eastern Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States.
  • Industry sectors: energy generation, transportation, and sale, alternative energy, real estate.
  • Investment horizon: 10 years from initial investment

Our Investment

Our investments are structured to diversify, manage the risk and facilitate the sharing of intellectual capital amongst their business. We benefit from a global network of relationships and a wealth of experience, which enable us to access investment opportunities. Our efficient reporting system and high transparency levels are in line with international standards of corporate governance.